My name is Timmie Standridge, I am a Certified Fitness Specialist and an ACE certified personal trainer located in San Diego. My journey to the fitness industry started with a deep look into the bad habits and lifestyle I was living myself. I wanted to feel strong and to be confident again and I knew something major had to be done. I hired a trainer and I signed up for a fitness competition, and the results were insane. I put serious effort into my health and wellness, and that effort reaped rewards that I did not think possible. After seeing my body change in ways I truly didn’t think possible, I decided I wanted to make this a possibility for other people. Weight training used to be a scary thing for me, and I know a lot of people feel the same anxieties. I specialize in HIIT, weight training and body transformation. My goal is to help people live a lifestyle they can be proud of , and live in a body they deserve. If you’d like to know more about me, check out my  interview with SDVoyager Magazine. I post quick tips and recipes, and I like to keep things simple, I hope you enjoy following along!

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